About Us

Wild Hearts is a family owned small business located in Middle Tennessee. We started off with a dream and passion to grow a business. We began working craft fairs, farmers markets, and local community events in the Summer of 2018. We quickly found that our customers had a desire for quality handmade soft tees! Within months, because of our happy customers, we built a small business that we’re excited to say has grown into our own shop in the Historic Downtown District of Springfield, TN! 
Our shirts are made to order! The graphic is added via heat press. The graphic is put INTO the fabric not ONTO the fabric, therefore it has absolutely NO FEEL to it on the garment! This is unique because you don’t have to worry about the design peeling or cracking. Your design will last as long as your shirt!
Each garment has been personally handled, designed and pressed by one of the team members. We take careful time make sure each garment has been well looked over for quality. We want you to feel as cute as you look!
We also offer small house plants, succulents, and cactus.  Within our brick and mortar you will find around 15 other small local handmade businesses! We are a small business supporting other small businesses!  This is part of our passion, growing other businesses alongside our own.